PREORDER Christmas Boxes WITH Grinch Delivery

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Last year our Grinch boxes were SO popular. We have changed those to Christmas Boxes as there will be a great variety of Grinch items plus Christmas items. These vary and are all different. They include fun Grinch/Christmas items, toys, socks, hats, tumblers, cups, drinks, peanut free snacks, etc. 

**These must be ordered ahead of time. Grinch deliveries will take place within the month of December. We will contact you starting the first week in December to schedule delivery times.

Grinch Rules:
*Must be located within 1-2 miles of Dickinson, ND
*The Grinch can meet you at your front door/entry way or outside
*Please try to keep animals away as the green masked man tends to scare some
*Our goal is to provide a fun experience for the kids and have fun. We do NOT want to cause any trauma or intentionally scare kids. If you know your child is terrified of the Grinch, consider having them look out the window and the grinch can wave and do a funny dance outside for them.
*Each visit will include dropping off the gift, and a few minutes for pictures and the Grinch in his full character having fun with them.
*We will not deliver to a school unless you have prior consent from that school that it is okay. We do not want to cause any further disruptions to learning or anymore chaos for school staff:)